“20 years later, the gritty poet’s first long-playing joint remains one of the best rap albums of that era. While some rappers’ sole purpose of engaging in hip-hop was simply to outdo their profiteering peers as they rhymed about designers and diamonds, others were more concerned with preserving the genuineness of pure rap skills that give the art form heft and resonance. Kollage still serves as solid evidence that not everyone was swayed by the glitter of platinum dreams and streetwise drug schemes.” Ebony Mag

Bahamadia has solidified her stance in hip hop since the 90’s with hits like UKNOWHOWWEDO and “3 the hard way” which was named one of Peter Rosenberg's 25 Favorite Female Rap Songs in Complex Magazine. Her KOLLAGE album still resonates to this day, as well as her appearances on golden era records with artists such as LAUREN HILL, THE ROOTS, TALIB KWELI, JEDI MIND TRICKS,  and more.

Earlier this year Bahamadia appeared on the hit TV show, Project Runway and as of late, she has been in the studio finalizing not one but two projects. The first being is DIALED UP II which is the second installment of her DIALED UP series. DIALED UP is the first EVER music project created ENTIRELY on a handheld mobile device (smart phone) AND recorded in a car—further evidence to support why BAHAMADIA is deemed a highly respected artistic visionary and forerunner of tomorrow's music. DIALED UP 2 was released 10.19.17

Bahamadia is also finalizing her  BREAKTHROUGH fourth solo full length project titled HERE. HERE has been carefully constructed for well over a seven year span. It was created and is intended to be a SOLID tribute to traditional hip-hop music. 


Born Antonia’ Reed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, BAHAMADIA was first introduced to Hip Hop culture as a DJ spinning at local house parties in the 80’s. A writer at heart, BAHAMADIA honed her skills as a poet and emcee with superior rhyme and delivery skills.

BAHAMADIA’s eclecticism secured her rise to prominence on the HIP HOP and WORLD MUSIC scene in the 90’s. In 1993 her regional hit, FUNK VIBE (co-produced by DJ RAN of Power 99) caught the attention of G.U.R.U of the iconic rap duo GANGSTARR. BAHAMADIA became his protégé and she was soon signed to his ILL KID PRODUCTIONS where she recorded her follow-up single, TOTAL WRECK which led to a recording deal with CHRYSALIS/EMI/CAPITAL RECORDS.

In 1995 UKNOWHOWWEDO the lead single to her classic debut KOLLAGE was released. KOLLAGE LP followed in 1996 & solidified BAHAMADIA'S place in world music's history as the premier emcee for females in HIP-HOP culture globally. The following year, BAHAMADIA resumed her solo career and began touring internationally - her first tour being with The Fugees. After several years, BAHAMADIA returned to her hometown where she hosted and produced her #1-ranked, prime slot featured, BAHAMADIA’s B-SIDES on 103.9 FM (RADIO 1/KATHY HUGHES).

In addition to being a respected songwriter/producer, Bahamadia serves as a positive role model for, and mentor of, many upcoming artist. She is a regular participant in educational lectures at universities, as well as in music conferences and seminars.

“Her formidable rhyme skills, unceasingly honed since the earliest days of rap, and her progressive musical outlook, make her more than just an incredible MC. Bahamadia is an innovative talent acknowledged in various musical genres as a forerunner of tomorrow’s music.” - HipHopGoldenAge